Hi ya! I am Angela, you can call me anything but Angie;that seriously sounds to me like you are calling a dog so please don’t. I’m best known for the peacock on my head and nest in anywhere that sells books. No honestly, I am absolutely in love with books! You can think of me as your own personal librarian. However, I will not be like your typical librarian. I cuss like a sailor, drink like a fish, and will recommend Smut (oh wait romance) on a lonely night before anything else.

I am going to let you into the crazy little world that is my brain, so strap on your seat belts! It is going to be a bumpy ride. I tell it like it is, no holding back.  I don’t worry about punctuation, grammar, or proper use of the English language. If you are easily offended, then I am probably not the blogger for you. I can promise fun times, laughs, and some good books. What else could you ask for right?