Book Review: Colby (Drake Brothers #3) by Casey Peeler

Goodreads Synopsis:

Colby Drake is Mr. Fix It and likes to take things into his own hands.

Working in Aunt Tootie’s shop, Dixie is always taking matters into her own hands, and Colby is determined to solve all her problems regardless of whether she wants the help or not.

But she’s no damsel in distress looking to be saved.





Chick and Brain Rating 4 out of 5 starts

This is the third installment in the Drake Brother series, and Peeler keeps getting better as we move forward. What originally started out as a story that really had no depth has now evolved into the hot steamy novella that Peeler seemed to be aiming for to being with.

Colby Drake works at the local hardware store and just like his brothers before he has set his eyes on Dixie the new hairstylist in town and will stop at nothing until he makes her his. Dixie is a single and determined woman who knows better than the get mixed up with these Drake boys like all of the other woman around here, but when Colby comes to her with an offer of a salon of her very own she can not do anything but accept. However, Dixie and Colby both know that helping her is not all he has in mind.


*** I received this ARC from the Author at no cost ***

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