Book Review: Beckett (Drake Brothers #4) by Casey Peeler

Goodreads Synopsis:

Beckett Drake is Mr. Responsible, but his life is different from his brothers—his eyes, his skin, and his father.

His job is to put out fires, but the moment he lays eyes on Dallas, he knows that is a fire he never wants to extinguish.

Dallas takes pride in providing for her daughter and not letting a man help in any way.

Beckett will stop at nothing to protect these two, even if he has to lose himself in the process.




Chick and Brain Rating 2 out of 5 stars

We are in the final book in the Drake Brother series, but again Peelers has fallen short of wowing us with a good thought out story. With this being the last, and what seemed to be the most intriguing Drake Brother, I was interested in reading Beckett’s story however like most of the series it falls short of all my expectations.

Beckett Drake is the oldest Drake and has always felt responsible for them, especially after the death of their parents. Dallas is a single mother to Lettie, but when Beckett is forced to rescue the two from their burning home they both become more than just a job to Beckett. Just like his brother Beckett decides that little Lettie and her mom will be his and he will stop at nothing until he makes that happen.

Peeler does show us a little more into the background of the entire Drake family, but it is not enough to rescue this story for me. It falls short and lacks that depth that I am used to from all of Peeler’s characters. This is by far my least favorite of the entire series.


*** I received this ARC at no cost to the Author ***

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