Book Review: Jingle My Balls (Hot-Bites Novella) by Jenika Snow and Jordan Marie

Goodreads Synopsis:


My firm has been hired to make sure Holly gets her biggest Christmas wish.

The rules are simple:

Seduction and fantasy, and absolutely no sex.

But, the moment I get a look at the delicious redhead all rules go out the window faster than Santa’s sleigh on Christmas night.

I shouldn’t touch her, but it is the season of giving, after all.

And I really want to give Holly a night we both will never forget.

The problem is, once she wraps that sweet little tongue on my candy cane,

I want much more than just one night.

Warning: Welcome to Jenika and Jordan’s Hot-Bite Christmas where the packages are big, the stockings are definitely hung, and snow isn’t the only thing that gets plowed. We’ve decided you’ve been good this year, so pull up a chair and enjoy a quick, dirty little cup of Christmas Cheer


Chick and Brain Rating 4 out of 5 stars

When Snow and Jordan Marie get together, I always know it is an instant hit in my book. This novella filled with smutty Holiday cheer is no different. The role-playing and play on words can make you melt in your seat. I honestly spent most of the novella alternating between laughing and fanning myself because it was so hot.!

This story centers around Nick, the owner of a fantasy fulfillment company, that is hired to fulfill one woman’s dreams to have Santa bring her a special “treat” for the holidays. When he goes to meet his client in Central Park he is delighted to find the woman of his own personal fantasies, Holly. Between a weird case of mistaken identity and the stars being perfectly aligned, these two both got more than they bargained for.

*** I received this ARC from the Author at no cost ***

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