Book Review: Incubus Possesion (Incubus #2) by Emma Jaye

Goodreads Synopsis:

A psychotic episode was the only sensible explanation for his clouded memories, battered body and a lost week of time. Demons aren’t real. They don’t run adult shops or hunt students for their lust. Just because Finn’s housemate had pink hair, it didn’t make her a fae in league with the devil, or a one in a trillion, ‘chosen one’.
But it had felt so damn good to be important and desired, even if it was all in Finn’s head.
Returning to the swirling, beautifully passionate madness, or checking into a psychiatric facility are his options. Whichever way he steps, life as he knows it is over.
Stranded between two untenable options, with the sun and the temperature going down, a smiling stranger provides a temporary respite from his dilemma.

Unfortunately for Finn, demons and fae are not the only beings stalking the night for the troubled and unwary.

2nd part of Incubus, an m/m novella series. Graphic material with plenty of angst.
NOT a standalone.


Chick and Brain rating 4 out of 5

This is the second installment of the Incubus series by Emma Jaye. The series focuses on the Incubus Erza and his own personal sex battery Finn. Finn is a very naive college student who gets taken advantage off before he meets Erza. Erza has had his fair share of bad luck in the world of supernatural and he sees Finn as his ticket to the top, but neither of these two expects to fall in a relationship.

Finn, although he is compelled by Erza to begin with truly, has feelings for him, as Erza for him. However, others do not understand either of them. Enters Milo, our own personal Fido who is sent to track and monitor Finn to make sure everything is okay. He is a beta in his pack so he sees Finn as an Omega or someone weaker than everyone that must be cared for.

Milos needs to protect Finn, in the end, is what cause both Finn and Erza to be on a new path to what may cause both of their destruction. I personally can not wait for the next installment!

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