Book Review: Jeremiah (Drake Brothers #2) by Casey Peeler

Goodreads Synopsis:

Jeremiah Drake is good with his hands, and has taken on the responsibility of Mayes’ Body Shop. However, when a badass beauty named Landry is put in charge of the shop, Jeremiah is caught off guard by her beauty, but more importantly how she is under the hood.

Chick and Brain Rating 3 out of 5

Casey Peeler is back at it again with the next installment of the Drake Brothers series, Jeremiah. The story centers around 4 adopted brothers and how they all fall in love in their small country town. When they fall they all fall hard.

This book is based on Jeremiah, who has poured his blood sweat and tears into Mayes Body Shop since he could see over the hood hoping that when the time came he would take over and run it as his own. However, when the owner becomes ill instead of handing the reigns over to him he call in his niece Landry.

Landry is one bad ass, take no prisoners kind of girl. She has run her own successful shop for years but when her uncle calls she comes running. The last thing she needs is some hot-shot trying to tell her how to run a business just because she happens to be a woman. When these two begin to bunt heads sparks begin to fly in more ways than one.

Peeler does a better job of giving us more than just a book trying to set up a series in this installment, but I still want more. I would have liked more back story on the three main characters, but for the short book we are given she did an okay job. The plot was well paced and the story kept me interested till the ending, even though it was fairly predictable. Hopefully the series will continue to get better as we move along.

*** I received this ARC at no cost to the Author ***


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