Book Review: Everett (Drake Brothers #1) by Casey Peeler

Goodreads Synopsis:

Everett Drake left the small town life and his three brothers behind the day he was old enough to enlist. However, he returned sooner than he had planned with a chip on his shoulder.

Taking a job with the local beer distributor, he makes a living, but when a new bar owner arrives in town, he knows exactly what he wants—Stella.

Chick and Brain Rating 3 out of  5 Stars

Casey Peeler has become a quick favorite of mine recently in the past few months. Her stories are full of down home country boys with big hearts and an alpha mentality, exactly what I am looking for so when I saw this book pop I jumped at the chance to read it. Although it was a steamy read, it fell short of having any kind of real story line to follow.

The basic premise of this entire book is to set up the new series, the Drake brothers. This particular book is focused Everett, an injured military man who has returned early from fighting for his country. He left his three adopted brother behind as soon as he could to join the military without a thought, and being back in this small town is not his idea of fun. Stella has had her fair share of run ins with men being the new owner of the local bar. So when Everett walks in as the new beer distributor with a chip on his shoulder she refuses to take any of his crap. However, once sparks fly neither one of these two can deny their attraction to one another, and once a Drake sets their eyes on you there is nothing you can do but hang on tight and enjoy the ride.

Peeler give an amazing start to what could be two great characters, but she spends most of this short book setting up the back story and premise for the other books to come that we miss a lot of the information of the two main characters of this one, Everett and Stella. Although we are treated to some mighty fine steamy bits before then end of the story there is nothing of substance pertaining to theses characters. Someone had to go first, it’s just a shame that their story had to get lost in the shuffle.

*** I received this ARC at no cost to the Author ***


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