Book Review: Tapping that Asset by London Hale 

GoodRead Synopsis: 

She only wanted one night
Being on the road all the time because of the family business makes for a lot of lonely nights. So when handsome, charming AJ Phelps finds me in the hotel bar, I’m ready for more than casual conversation. After an amazing night, my hope to continue a brief affair with the town charmer is derailed when I come face to face with him the following day. This time, he’s not just handsome, charming AJ. He’s all business…and the owner of the brewery my brother is dead set on ruining. All may be fair in love and war, but there’s nothing as cut throat as beer and business.

He wants it all
As an ex-pro baseball player turned business owner, I have it all. Or I thought I did until Kennedy Rochester crossed my path. A one night stand with a woman as hot, intelligent, and feisty as that? No brainer. At least not until the following morning when she steps into my brewery and tells me in no uncertain terms her family business is there to put me out of mine. I should loathe her for threatening my livelihood, but I don’t. I can’t. Not when all I think about when I look at her is our single, toe-curling night together. Not when I’d give nearly anything for just one more.

Chick and Brain Rating 5 out of 5

London Hale has become my latest duo obsession. The way that they are able to convey the heat and passion of the bedroom scenes but the intimacy and heartfelt love of these two characters takes skills that not many authors have, but we are able to witness it in a duo! I am privileged to be able to experience their writing.

Tapping that Assets is named very well about AJ Phelps and ex baseball player who has come home after his career ended and turns his love of beer into a career. Along with his best friend they have created a great local brewery for the tourist and local alike to find great beer and a great time. That is until Kennedy Rochester. She was his happily ever after. The woman he had an amazing on night stand that was going to turn into forever, that is until her brother decided he was going to shut his brewery down.

Kennedy loves two things sex and numbers. Well that’s a lie, not the sex part. She loves a simpler time her life when she was happy doing the things she loved for the people she loved, but now she is following around trying to wrangle her big brother ego before it spends all their families money. What was supposed to be a one night stand before helping her brother take over a local brewery ended being exactly what she needed.

Hale does an amazing balancing between the love story between Kennedy and AJ and the hot and steamy dirty sex we have come to know them for. I would say his probably their best one yet. Definitely a must read.

*** I received an ARC at no cost from the author ***


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