Book Review: Riding Rough by Aria Cole 

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Colt Sutherland has been to hell and back, from the day he was deployed to the desert to the one that nearly ended his life in an attack. Only one thing kept this soldier breathing, an angelic vision of a young woman with shiny blond hair and a smile that soothes the ache in his soul. The only girl to ever own his heart—the one that got away.

Back in his hometown, Colt finds the unexpected in Raven Wetherspoon. Her lush waves and seductive curves call to him, leaving him chomping at the bit to get to know her better, and get her underneath him. But can her touch really heal his battered warrior’s heart, or will the past that haunts him steal his life once and for all?

Warning: Skintight Wranglers, cowgirl boots, and bareback rides under the stars would leave even the wildest of bad boys believing in love at first sight. Letting go of the reins won’t be easy when this filly needs breaking. Saddle up and hold on tight, Colt and Raven are riding hard for love!

Chick and Brain Rating 3 out of 5 

Aria Cole has been progressive going down hill for me. I had high hopes for this one after reading the first one in the series, but what started out as a promising story ended up being nothing more than a sex fest.

Colt went to war to serve his country. Like every other solider he has the desire to serve his country to his fullest ability, however Colt was unable to fulfill his promise. After being severely injured in the line of duty he was sent back home to figure out how to live a normal life. Trying to adjust to your dream being destroyed is not an easy thing for any man, but also having to learn how to walk again and deal with the demons of war Colt had it harder than most. The one shinning light for Colt was Raven Wetherspoon. He couldn’t understand why but he felt like he had known her his entire life. He was drawn to her in a way that he knew would heal him in more ways than one. He just hope she was drawn to him in the same way.

Raven Wetherspoon has been running from her demons for as long as she could remember. She came back to the only town she has ever felt at home when she was finally able to escape her controlling father. She returned looking for the young boy she called her best friend, but when she returned he was nowhere to be found. Instead she was drawn to a damaged and broke ex-soldier who was just as lost as she was. Hopefully the two of them will be able to find a place to call home in one another.

Although the story starts off with promise, once these two find themselves together everything else falls to the way side. The focus of their backstory with one another is lost in all the sex they are having. There is not story or even what seems to be any type of connection between the characters as there was prior to them jumping in the sack. I understand that the point of books like this is the sex, I mean I enjoy it like the next woman, but I do not like to have the story or connection between the characters to be sacrificed because of it. Once the focus shift toward the sex, the connection between Colt and Raven became unbelievable and almost fake in my opinion and ruined the entire story for me.

I would recommend that you read this story for what it is a steamy cowboy story full of sexy and insta-love. If you are looking for any type of connection this is not the story for you. Read the first in this series, that would be a better fit for sure.

*** I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review *** 

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