Book Review: Touched by a Wolf (Dark Blood #1)

Goodreads Synopsis: 

How far would you go for immortality?

It has been a century since the wolves of the Silent Walkers waged war against the vampires of the Lamia for the Dark Blood of Immortality they possess.
As the battle lines are drawn once again, it will be up to the White Witch Emilie to use all in her power to bewitch the youngest of the wolves, Maccon.
To gain his trust.

To seduce him.

To bend him to her will.

To stop the impending war.

Touched by the Wolf is the debut novel of R. Murray and the first in the Dark Blood series.

Chick and Brain Rating 3 out of 5 

I am usually a fan of a Paranormal Romance but I guess you could say this was a little to Paranormal for me. Murray does an amazing job creating her world, but I feel as if the
Emile, a white witch, who desperately tries to run away from her past transgression but they have finally caught up to her. Thee leaders of the vampire world are yet again requesting her help to eliminate a threat to their power, this time it is the werewolf of England. Emile is to infiltrate their ranks by getting one of the wolves to fall in love with her but she has to make sure she does not lose her heart in return.
Maccon is a young werewolf who would like nothing more than to find a warm body to lay in bed with every night. The only thing that matters to him is his brothers and starting this war to free his kind in England, that is until the day he lays eyes on Emile. It was not love at first sight, but there is no denying the chemistry between these two. Will Maccon be able to keep his focus in order to create the revolutions his clan is waiting for, while also trying to keep his heart for falling for the one person that could be the downfall of his entire clan.

Murray creates an amazing world with her words that we can not help but fall into. Murray however does take detail to another level. In my opinion the book could have been shorter and possibly more enjoyable if everything was not described in such detail. Although this was a little more Paranormal than I would prefer I really enjoyed the story and cannot wait to discover what is next in the series.
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