Book Review: A Tethered Souls Duet by Jessica McCrory

Goodreads Synopsis:

Can true love span centuries?
Two hundred years ago, a jealous sorcerer robbed Aine and Aengus of their future when he destroyed the tether binding them together–Forever.

But then a spell offers them a second chance…

When Aine returns as Abby to Ireland, centuries have passed and everything is drastically different… including Aengus. Can their once unbreakable bond be restored? Have the lifetimes separating their shattered love provide hidden strength between them? Or has the time apart infused the sorcerer with enough power to truly separate them for eternity?

Contains Tethered Souls, the prequel, Broken Tether, as well as Forever Tethered, an exclusive short story.


Chick and Brain Rating 5 out of 5

Jessica McCrory can best be described as a magician with words, and this book is a testament to that magic. I do not understand how people waited for these books to come out individually because I would have lost my mind waiting to finish this story. Magic, Romance, and Fantasy all wrapped in one story is an instant page turner for me. McCrory ensures that we are enraptured with her characters from the first word and drawn into their story. We take the journey through time as these two lovers fight for their happily ever after.

The story centers around two lovers Aine and Aengus that are ripped apart by the jealousy of another. However, fate was on their side, as Aengus sister Miyra sensed their true love for one another and is able to use her magic to send their souls 200 years into the future to be reunited again. The story then pics up with Abby, the reincarnation of Aine, who begins having elaborate dreams and nightmares of Ireland, a place she has never visited. As she grows older she is able to paint amazing paintings of places she has never been. She finally makes the decision to visit the place that has plagued her mind her entire life. Once she arrives she meets Aengus and immediately recognizes the other half of her soul. Of course its is not all roses and sunshine, but this story does have a HEA.

There are not enough words to describe how taken I am with this book. If I did not have a list a mile long of other books to read, I would immediately be starting this again! This is a must read for anyone that does not believe true love is out their for us all!

*** I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review ***


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