Book Review: Forget You Not by Harloe Rae

Goodreads Synopsis:

Destiny is bogus and fate is fake.
Everything happens for a reason?
I gave up on my fairy tale years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not settling for less.
All my energy gets poured into a job I love rather than dead end relationships.
Men aren’t even a blip on my radar these days.
Who needs them?
Except to scratch the occasional itch, I’m not interested in anything they have to offer.

If so-called Cupid ever comes knocking on my door, I’ll be waiting with my flying pig because happily ever after doesn’t exist.
I’ve become a jaded disbeliever and my main reason just sauntered into the bar.
Rowen Sworr is the only arrow that pierced my heart, and dammit, he stuck.

His random reappearance is a complicated twist from that meddling matchmaker I didn’t see coming…

Chick and Brain Rating 5 out of 5

To say I am a fan of Harloe Rae is an understatement. The story of Willow and Xander was life changing for me. I have never read anything touched my soul on that level. With that being said, I had very high expectations for Forget Me Not and as usually Rae did not disappoint!

This story tells us all about how love can last through anything including time. Lark and Rowen are the type of people who make us all believe in fate. Yes, it’s totally insta-love to the max but when you know you know right?

Lark’s entire life was changed because of that meeting with Rowen. Whether it be good or bad those two found their way back to each other, just as fate determined would happen in the beginning.

Rowen never wanted to leave Lark. She had his heart the moment he laid eyes on her, but sometimes life and fate don’t see eye to eye. Theses two accidentally run into each other and know each other immediately. Two heart that speak to each other must be destined for a happily ever after… aren’t they?

If you have ever wanted to know how people earn their happily ever after this is the best series for you! Yes it is insta-love but in order to make their love for each other grow, they must put work into it.


*** I have received this ARC in exchange for an honest review ***


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