Book Review: After Tomorrow (Kingsley #2) 


There was supposed to be no more secrets.

There was supposed to be no more lies.

There was supposed to be no more pain.

Raeva Ray is young, beautiful and beginning her career as a registered nurse when she falls hard and fast for notorious playboy and billionaire Mika Kingsley. Forgiving Mika for his lies and an obsession for her that nearly cost her life was only possible because the connection she felt for him was too strong to deny.

Mika Kingsley thought he had it all. Money, women, and power were all at this finger tips. He thought that his twin sister Mikaela was the only woman he would ever need. But now that Raeva is in his bed and in his heart, he truly does have everything. And everything to lose.

But, sometimes what’s supposed to happen, doesn’t. More lies and secrets are revealed causing pain that even the strongest bonds may not be able to heal.

Find out what happens After Tomorrow…

Chick and Brain Rating 5 out of 5 

Let me start by saying you must have read Tomorrow before reading After Tomorrow.

Wow! Was this book worth the wait! Once again Thorne was able to captivate my attention for the first word. We do not always get the chance to find out what happens after the main characters reach their happily ever after, so I was interested in how Thorne was going to continue with the story. She did not disappoint!

We are able to see the their relationship does not automatically turn into roses and sunshine. Mika and Rae must continue to work at their relationship in order to remain together, and become stronger. Mika is also able to show Rae that he is even more devoted and in love with her than she even imagined. At this point, we know how protective Mika is of Rae but we are now able to see what lengths Rae will do in order to protect Mika.

This story is simply amazing, I can not articulate the love that I have for these characters. If you are finding characters that are easily to relate to and a beautifully written love story than this is the story for you!

*** I have received this ARC in exchange for an honest review ***


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