Book Review: Legally Our (Spitfire #3) by Nicole French

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Skylar Crosby knows betrayal. She knows that deep stab when those closest to you deceive your fragile trust. And she knows what it’s like when your secrets cost you everything––including the love of your life.

Now kidnapped, scared, and alone, Skylar has no reason to believe in her rescue. Not when she can still see Brandon’s face as she smashed his heart to pieces. Even if Skylar can get out of her physical prison, can she escape the cage created by her guilt?
Brandon Sterling spent the last fifteen years desperately trying to reinvent himself: as a lawyer, a businessman, and now a candidate for public office. But as these daily stressors mount alongside a dangerous threat to his family and loved ones, the old Brandon reemerges: a ruthless hoodlum who’d rather use fists than brains to solve his problems.
Now, when the one he loves most is taken, can Brandon move past her deceit in order to find her? And if he does, will Skylar still want the man he’s become in order to protect her?
This is the third book in the Spitfire Trilogy. Readers will enjoy it most if they have already read Legally Yours (Book 1) and Legally Mine (Book 2).

Chick and Brain Rating 5 out of 5 

French has done it again! This is probably my favorite book in the entire series. although I am sad to see it come to an end, this is the perfect ending for Skylar and Brandon’s story.

This story begins right where the previous one left off. Skylar’s secret has been let out into the world, and Brandon is trying hard to learn how to deal with it. Brandon also has the weight of the world on his shoulders as his takes a set into the world of politics. They must both fight for their happily ever after because the good things in life never come without a fight!
French is able to place the focus of this last story on Brandon and his underlying issues that have been prevalent through out all of the installments. We get to see Brandon in a new light. He is not just the strong business man, but a human being. French is able to shed light on issues that many of us face daily, myself included, while remaining sensitive to the subject.
While I am sad for their story to end, Skylar and Brandon are two characters that will remain with me always. They have made their way into my heart, as has French and her amazing writing talent. She is for sure gonna be added to my one-click author list.

*** I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review ***

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