Book Review: Hard Hat (Dirty Men #2) by Frankie Love

Goodreads Synopsis

When Lottie walks down the steps of her apartment building at my current job site, she’s ready for a fight.
But I’m ready to make her sassy ass mine.
The sounds of my jackhammer may have woken her up today, but I’m gonna be the one to put her to bed tonight.
I can see it now—on her back, legs spread—oh yeah, I’ve got more than a hard hat. I have everything this woman needs.

Dear Reader,
This filthy-sweet read is the insta-everything you crave. Luke’s a real dirty man who knows where to put his screwdriver. His tool belt is loaded and ready. #nicehammer #howhard #illbeyoursocket
xo, frankie

Chick and Brain Rating 4 out of 5


Frankie Love has a way in her writing that you can not help but be draw too. Hard Hat is the typical story of how you should never judge a book by its cover. Just because something looks like it is one this that does not mean that is always the case.

This novella focuses around Lolita and Luke. Lolita is desperately trying to hold on to the only place she has called home her entire life, while Luke is trying to build his dream from the ground up. These two meet on a typical New York morning, when Luke wakes her up from a peaceful sleep with his jack hammer. After that these two are instantly connected on a journey towards their happily ever after.  Now this does not come without some bumps along the way, Love makes sure that these two had to work for their HEA. Even if it was only a little bit.

Love is able to take a simple every day occurrence and create a hot and steamy love story for our enjoyment.  If you love alpha males who want to rescue the girl this is the story for you.


Until Next time,




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