Book Review: Frozen Over by Tarrah Anders

Goodreads Synopsis:

TYSON MADDOX is confident and a playboy. He is also the CEO of Mad Designs, a company which he was born into, a revived fashion company in the city. With the upcoming launch of their summer campaign, Tyson takes notice of one of the models employed by his company. When circumstances arise to provide the perfect opportunity, he makes his move. With her he is the open, caring and attentive one woman man. However, when he learns about a side job which she has, all is lost. If Tyson doesn’t get his way, then they’re done. Too bad, he’s miserable without her.
ALLISON STAFFORD was hired to become the face of Mad Designs for the new summer line. She’s beautiful and not afraid to eat doughnuts in public. When she catches the eye of the CEO, she doesn’t know how to interpret his affections. When they become an official item and Hell has Frozen Over, but it’s over before they know it, before the ice is fully thawed.
ALLISON & TYSON deal with their issues, until his past catches up with them and tries to pull them apart. Will they get the chance that they both need or will they be torn apart?

Chick and Brain Rating 5 out of 5

I do not usually got for the typical business man and model stories, but this one was one for the record books. Anders has a way of writing to allows us to delve into her characters thoughts and minds. I promise if you read this series you will not be disappointed

Tyson is an a-hole. There really is no other way around it. He gets what he wants and is not used to being told no, but Allison is not that type of girl. Her sassy attitude and easy-going nature are exactly what Tyson needs to become a better man. Anders make sure we HATE Tyson at the beginning of the story, but as you read on her grows on you as you read on. We are all able to learn that Tyson is more than just an uptight business man. Allison is a little harder to get a read on, but her easy-going attitude and desire to make Tyson happy makes us all want to bring her into the fold.

Tyson doesn’t want to fall in love with Allison, but he has no choice. Once that roller coaster of the feels has left the station these two are in it for the long haul. No major angst over the course of their story, but I can say that they end up with their HEA at the end.

***I have received this ARC in exchange for an honest review***


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