Book Review: Saddled by Dani Wyatt

Goodreads Synopsis:

Is it possible to fall in love at the sight of a wisp of jet black hair swirling out an open window of a pickup? In a thousand lifetimes, I would have said, ‘Hell no’. But today I learned not only is it possible, it’s fucking happening. To me. I’d all but given up on love but apparently, it hadn’t given up on me.

When Maria Garcia McGowan stepped out of that truck, her sweet scent hit me and this cowboy was done for. None too happy to be stuck in a cow poke town like Cooper’s Mill, a brainy beauty like her will take some convincing to stick around. Even if I have to tie her to the bedpost, I’m not letting her get away. She’s mine.

I’ve tamed more than my fair share of mustangs, and this sweet filly is about to be lassoed. Except, small town gossip and jealousy have a way of poking their nose into even the sweetest of happy endings.

Author Note: It takes some angry turkeys and a heck of a storm, but these two lovebirds will have you reaching for a paper fan and sucking on an ice cube to cool things off. A hunky cowboy and a whip smart city girl are just the ticket for this safe, steamy and oh-so-happily-ever-after book with everything you expect from Dani Wyatt.

Chick and Brain Rating 5 out of 5 stars

This has to be by far my favorite Dani Wyatt book that I have read, and trust me I have read A LOT of them. Not to mention that Ranger, is the best written cowboy I have ever encountered.

Ranger is a tough has nails cowboy that takes no crap from anyone, but he has a soft and mushy side to him as well. Although he is all man, he is not a man whore. He has been waiting for that special one to tug at his heart-strings. and that happened the moment he laid eyes on Marie.

Marie is not a country girl, but she is a city girl either. She is just lost with no one really to help her find her way. After her mom passed, she was all her Dad really had left so when he decided to pack up and buy a horse ranch she came along with him. This is not how she saw her life turning out, but she never though she would find her forever there either.

Saddled is an honest to goodness hot and sexy, yet sweet story about how the cowboy roped his city girl and won her heart. It’s an amazing read that give us the hot and steam bits we all expect from Wyatt, but also shows there can be more to a man than just the desire to posses and woman’s body.

If you love your self a good county boy like I do, this is the perfect story for you.

*** I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review ***


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