Book Review: Heartless by Michelle Horst

Goodreads Synopsis:

I’m warned that Carter Hayes is heartless.

He’s part of the Screw Crew.
He’ll just use you and leave you.
He’s ruthless and always gets what he wants.

Just look for the trail of broken hearts and dreamy sighs and you’ll find him.

“Hot as sin, Carter.”

I don’t have time to fall head over heels for any guy. Besides, he’d never notice someone like me. I have a three step plan. Get through college. Get a job. Get my sister out of the hell hole I left her in. That’s all I have time for.

That’s until I hear of the betting pool the guys started. Whoever screws me first gets the money. The moment Carter looks at me, I know it’s only because of the bet.

I tell myself our first kiss is only for show.
I hate my heart for falling for his irresistible charm.

For one foolish moment, I actually want him to be my first earth-shattering love. All it takes for me to give in is a little attention, a cocky smile, and a fake promise of a happily-ever-after.

When I’m surrounded by crumpled sheets and the smell of sex, I realize I let him have me for four hundred dollars.

To save what little pride I have left, I pretend it didn’t mean anything, that he’s just one last screw before we all leave college.

I’ve spent the last four years lying to myself. When I’m ready to take the final step of my plan, and save my sister, guess who walks through my front door?


This is a full-length, stand alone, unrequited love/second chance romance/reunited love/opposites attract with a HEA and no cliffhanger. Book 1 in the Enemies To Lovers Series ~ Carter Hayes and Della Truman


Chick and Brain Rating 5 out of 5

I am a Michelle Horst addict. If she writes a book, I will read it. So when this baby popped up I was a little surprised. It is not what I am used to seeing from Michelle, but being the loyal fan that I am, I went with it. As always, I was not disappointed. I am proud to say I am officially a Screw Babe for life!

Carter Hayes is the epitome of an alpha male. You do what he says, when he says, or there is hell to pay. So when Della comes along with her sassy mouth and attitude, who would have thought they would end up together. These two were made for each other, even if they did not know it at first. They will go through hell and back to find their happily ever after, but let me just say it was worth it.

All of the characters in the Screw Crew are present in this book, they do not disappear or fall into the background like most series that I have read. They stay close and take care of one another in a way a family would. I love that Michelle is able to take the book past the filthy hot sex and love story between the two main characters, but also let us know more about what to expect in books to come.

I recommend this book for anyone that is looking for a book to read. That is, if you wanna read something, read this and I promise you will not be disappointed. I can not wait to see what Michelle has in store for us in the next installment of the series.

**** I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review ****
Until next time,

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