Book Review: Keeping Her Close by Dani Wyatt

Goodreads Synopsis:

Black Rousseau has honored the code and kept his distance from the one thing in this world that means something to him. But things are about to change. Black’s just received the blessing he’s been waiting for since the moment he set eyes on his boss’ daughter.

Growing up in the biker bar her father owned, Roxie Lear dreams of getting out of Hell, Michigan. The only other thing she’s always wanted is Black Rousseau. But he treats her like she doesn’t exist. Until the day her father goes to prison, that is. And Black lets her know what’s been boiling behind his cool indifference all these years.

Will Black’s preparations to claim Roxie once and for all be too much for her? Will the darkness inside of him frighten away the only thing in this world he’s ever needed?

Author Note: This alpha is a little dark and a bit brutal but he cherishes what is his. As always, this story is safe/no cheating with the perfect happy ending. Strap on your wrist cuffs and your safe word, this hot quickie of a smutty read will have you questioning your morals and wiggling in your seat.

Chick and Brain Rating 4 out of 5

I have received this ARC in exchange for an honest review

As always Dani Wyatt brings her A game with a hot and steamy Alpha male that will do anything to get his lady. However, man was this one a little darker than usual, but not to much for this reviewer. It towed the line of what was okay for me but I can say I very much enjoyed the domination and submission between these two characters.

Keeping Her Close focuses on Black and Roxie. These have pinned for each other since they first met, but one thing (in this case man) stood in their way, Roxie’s father. With Roxie’s father is being sent to prison for tax evasion, he could not think of anyone other than Black to take care of his baby girl. Black was ready to face the torment of having to take care of her without being able to love her properly, but at the last-minute he is given permission to be with Roxie in the way he has always wanted. However, neither Roxie or her father were aware of Black’s desperate need for domination over her. He will not rest until she is his, in every way imaginable.

As always Wyatt has written an erotic read for us to throughly enjoy, but unlike other novellas I have read this one did not have much of a story besides the sex. In this case the sex was the story or more importantly the need for Black to dominate Roxie and for her to submit to him. This fact is intrinsic for the survival of their relationship. Sex is a major part of this type of relationship so the entire book had to be about the sexual relationship between characters. The hot and steamy sex between these two never overshadowed the affection that Black had for Roxie, and in the end Roxie understands his needs and wishes to fulfill his every desire. If there is one thing Wyatt is trying to get across to us, is that this type of relationship is not anything to be ashamed of. It does not lack love in any way, shape, or form, it is just different from what most of us are used to and just because it isn’t “normal,” does not make it wrong.

This novella may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you would like to see the freedom that you can find in being dominated completely then this is the book for you. Sometimes it feels best to just let go and hang on for the ride.


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