Book Review: A Losing Battle (Free at Last #2) by Annie Stone

Goodreads Synopsis:

Hunter has left home to join the Marine Corps, leaving Mackenzie behind, confused and unsure about her feelings. She loves Carter, she really, really does, but could there be a spark between her and Hunter, as well?

Mackenzie does the only thing she can in the circumstances: she buries her conflicting emotions in her work. But when she sees Hunter again, she knows the time for a decision has come.

Little does she know, time is running out for the both of them.


Chick and Brain Rating 5 out of 5

I have received this ARC in exchange for an honest review

Annie Stone has officially made it into my Cliffhanger Queens list! I though the cliffhanger in the first book was bad, but this one was down right heartbreaking. I must have the third book in this series immediately! This is a series that MUST be read in order, but trust me when I tell you that it is worth it.

A Losing Battle picks up with Hunter having entered the Marine Crops. He continues to try to fight his love for Mackenzie to no avail. He grows up a lot while going through boot camp and becomes a man, but one visit from Mac and his brother at his graduation puts him right back to square one with his feelings for her. Mac is the love of Hunter’s life and he knows it, but Mac is not so sure about her feelings for him. Mac loves Carter, or at least she thought she did. The longer Hunter is away the worse things get between her and Carter, and the more she wishes Hunter was there for her. After a Hunter’s graduation visit, Mac finally gives into her love for him but their happiness is ruined when Carter catches them together. One wrong decision throws all of their lives into turmoil, dashing all their dreams for the future.

Stone has an amazing way of making you love and hate her characters at the same time! We are able to watch Hunter become a man as he goes through his training but we also come to hate him for being such a bull-headed male as well. Mac is an amazing survivor of an unspeakable past. We come to respect her courage and ability to over come those obstacles, but we hate her for caring so much about everyone else’s feelings and not just what is best for her and Hunter. Ever single character grows during this book and it is amazing to read, but we become frustrated with their ability to stand in each others way. Stone tells this story how it would happen in reality, where there is no clear right or wrong answer. The entire love story between Mac and Hunter has some serious up and downs just like it would in real life so it was unrealistic for us to expect them to get their happily ever after so quickly, but I know we all still wished for it to happen anyway.

The end of this book leaves us all on pins and needles, holding our breath that what we believe has happened has not. It is that hope that will bring all of us back for the next installment Just like the first book in the series, A Losing Battle has me running the entire emotional gambit while reading it, but mostly I cried so make sure you have some tissues handy. I love Stone’s writing style and her characters to the point that I am impatiently waiting for the next installment. This is an amazing series that will touch not only your heart but your soul.


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