Review: Bought & Paid For by Jordan Marie and Jenika Snow

Goodreads Synopsis:

Jackson King bought my virginity.

He didn’t know I’d give it to him for free.


I wanted her from the moment I first saw her and nothing would keep me from her.

Maybe I was a bastard for buying her. But she was mine and in my world, when I wanted something, I took it.

And I wanted her.

She was bought and paid for. Collateral damage when her father failed to uphold his end of the deal. They think it’s only for a week. They’re wrong.

I’m keeping her.


My father couldn’t fulfill a debt to Jackson King. Jackson didn’t seem to mind—not when he got me as his payment.

He wanted my virginity, wanted to own me.

He was wicked, evil, and dirty, but I didn’t care—I wanted to be his.

WARNING: This is a fast and hard ride, featuring an over the top Alpha who fights dirty and plays even dirtier. It’s a safe read, short, filthy and so hot you might need a nice, big, long, cool … drink to get you through to the happy ending.

Chick and Brain Rating 5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review

I am a huge fan of Jenika Snow but this is the first time I am reading anything by Jordan Marie, but I can assure you that this will not be the last. I honestly hope that these two choose to collaborate together again in the future because their styles flow perfectly together. If it was not annotated on the cover that there were two authors for this book I would have had no idea.

This novella is centered around Jackson and Megan. As soon as Jackson laid eyes on Megan he immediately knew that she would be the woman that he would love forever, but unlucky for him Megan had no idea. Megan’s father was not the smartest business man, so when Jackson was given the opportunity to enter a deal with her father that he knew would go south he jumped at the chance. Jacksons payment for would be the one thing he has always wanted, Megan, all he had to do was be patient. Megan has always watched and pined after Jackson from afar believing that there age difference would keep them apart, but when he came to collect his payment she was both excited and afraid of what would happen to her. Jackson and Megan had one week together. Megan was determined not to lose her heart, but Jackson was determined to claim it.

Snow and Marie do and amazing job of using this short novella to create an amazing May December romance. These two characters have secretly pined for one another for years, but have not given into those desires for one reason or another. Although we get our hot and steamy scenes that we all are waiting for, these two authors ensure that their characters are given depth and that we can see their relationship is based on more than just their sexual desire for one another.

May December romances are not for everyone, but if you can get past the ages of the characters you will read an amazing love story. A story of two people who after years of waiting are finally able to get their happily ever after, even if it is because of one man’s mistake.


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