Review: Train Wreck by T. Gephart

Goodreads Synopsis:

“No passion, no emotion, no originality—a train wreck of epic portions.”

Those were the words to describe Eve Thorton’s exhibition. Not even a fine arts degree from Yale or her daddy’s bank account could save her from the scathing reviews. And failure was a word Eve would never be comfortable with. Not even close.

Plotting the demise of every critic who’d written her off was her first instinct. But that would come later. Instead, she would show them that she wasn’t a bored socialite with more money than talent.

She would prove everyone wrong, and she wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. But when her journey for redemption crashed headfirst into Josh Logan, the sexy, talented tattooist from Queens, getting her hands dirty took on a whole new meaning.

Josh was everything Eve wasn’t, translating on skin what she couldn’t onto her canvas. All she had to do was convince him to share his jaw-dropping brilliance, and help her—seeing him naked—a bonus. Then she could go back to her regular life, vindicated.

It should have been easy. Pity her plans had a habit of derailing.

Chick and Brain Rating 3 out of 5

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review

T. Gephart is a new author for me, but I have heard amazing things about her writing so I was excited to give it a try. This story had amazing self-assured strong characters, but touched base on the very human desire for approval of those around us. Gephart does an amazing job of taking fictional characters and bringing real life problems to life through her writing.

This story is centered about Eve who has reached an all time low. She caught her boyfriend in the act of cheating on her and it seems like her dreams of being a successful artist have just been crushed. However she received a shinning light from the most unlikely of places.  Eve was sent to see  Josh, a tattoo artist whose art comes to life right on people’s skin. Josh agrees to attempt to teach Eve to find the spark she is missing from her art work, but what neither one of them were counting on was the sparks that began to fly between the two of them. As Josh and Eve began to grow closer, Eve begins to notice how far she has strayed from the person she truly wanted to be. Before Eve and Josh can have their happily ever after, Eve must find herself along the way.

Eve and Josh are amazingly written characters that you can not help but connect with. Josh with his outspoken personality and Eve with her take no prisoners kind of attitude. Gephart shows how even the most assured person on the outside can be a mess of insecurities on the inside. There are serious times and comic relief, mostly in the form of Kitty and Dallas, but some thing seems to be missing from the story. Trainwreck has an amazing story with strong characters, but unfortunately it did not consume me in the way that I would have expected. The story line is larger than life, but it lacks the draw or pull to bring me into the story and experiences of the characters. Please do not misunderstand, I loved this story. Gephart’s writing is amazing but it was missing that spark that gives me the ability to be consumed by the story. During the entire experience I felt like an outsider, instead being full immersed in the story to the point that I am unable to tell where it ends and I begin.

If you are looking for a story that has amazing characters, humor and your typical happily ever after than this is for you!


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