Review: Blood Enemy (Kyn #3) by Mina Carter

Goodreads synopsis:

Tessa wanted a weekend of peace, rest and relaxation. And some ice-cream.

House-sitting for her sister had some advantages… namely sole ownership of the tv remote and a power-shower to die for. Settling in to binge-watch her favourite films and not emerge for the entire weekend, Tessa’s plans are interrupted by the arrival of a hot as hell guy on her doorstep. Just three problems… he’s a vampire. He has a baby. And now someone’s trying to kill them all.

Feral doesn’t do babies. Or pixies. So when someone dumps a pixie baby of all things on his doorstep, he does the only thing he can think of…he tries to palm it off on someone else.

Unfortunately his neighbor is out of town, leaving her sister, Tessa, to house-sit. Her single and disturbingly attractive sister. Which leaves Feral with a couple of problems, especially when a bunch of pixie ninja wannabes break into the place and try to steal the baby. And that’s just the start…

When a desperate race through the darker parts of fae leads to a dangerous enemy who could end the world as they know it, will he turn his back on the pixies, a race he’s always hated… or will Tessa cast her own spell on the strong, silent-type Kyn Warrior?

**Please note this is a previously released title which has been extended and re-edited**

Chick and Brain Rating 4 out of 5

I have received this ARC in exchange for an honest review

To say I was excited when this hit my kindle would be an understatement! Carter picked the exact Kyn I wanted to know the most about. This story crosses the line between races and is able to give us more insight into how the supernatural realm works in the world Carter has created. I really wish that this was not the last installment in the series, but it was by far the best I have read.

Blood Enemy is centered around Feral, a seasoned Kyn warrior that would rather spend his time alone when not hunting rogue vampires. On one of his only nights off, he is left a surprise on his doorstep in the form of a little baby boy! Feral does not do babies, but this was not just any kind of baby but a Fae baby and Feral doesn’t like Fae. Lucky for him his neighbor is Fae and also has a ton of babies. Tessa is a half-Fae, half human who thought she was going to get a restful weekend in her sisters plush apartment however what she got was a hot Kyn Warrior knocking on the door followed by a whole bunch of trouble. These two are unlikely allies, but both agree that this little baby boy must be protected and returned to his parents no matter what the cost.

Carter takes a different spin on the fantasy world that she has created for us in the final book in this series. By creating a relationship between Feral and Tessa she is able to bridge the gap between two races and even possibly bring home a stronger point that plagues our world today. The relationship between Feral and his lady-love is not just based on the physical need between a male and female. He hates the Fae with everything in him, but it is not until he sees past all the preconceptions he has about the entire Fae race that he is able to experience love in its truest form. Tess is also guilty of only looking skin deep at first. Yes she believes that Feral is the most beautiful male specimen she has ever seen but she is still leery of him because he is a Kyn Warrior.  Once these two look past the preconceptions that have for one another they are able to see each other through new eyes. Although I am sure the steamy bits is what we are all here for, I love that Carter takes a chance and attempts to convey a deeper message for all of us to understand.

Although this is by far my favorite book in the series, why does it have to end! Carter if you are reading this we need more! Please give us more Kyn warrior goodness as soon as possible.


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