Review: Holden (Dark Grove Plantation #1) by Julia Sykes

Goodreads Synopsis:

One look at the gorgeous, curvy brunette standing alone at BDSM club Dark Grove Plantation, and I know she’s mine. She thinks that her desires are twisted and wrong, but I intend to show her how good my harsher methods of seduction can feel. It’s in my nature to dominate, to claim. I have every intention of claiming Holly, body and soul. And if her bastard ex tries to come back for her, he’ll find out just how harsh I can be when someone threatens what’s mine.

Note: An earlier version of this story was released under the title Awakened. It has been extensively re-written as Holden.

Chick and Brain Rating 4 out of 5

I received this ARC in exchange for and honest review

Well talk about a hot and steamy insta-love. Just what I have been looking for! Julia Sykes is another newbie for me and once again I was not disappointed. Holden is a re-release from a different version written by this author, but if the original was half as good as this then you are not missing out on anything. If you did happen to read the original version be sure to check this one out!!!

The steamy novella is the first in a series focused on the Dark Grove Plantation. The Dark Grove Plantation is an exclusive BDSM Club that not just anyone is able to get into. Holly believes when her boyfriend suggest that they take a visit there he is finally ready to dominate her in the bedroom they way she has always desired, but what should have been a night of passion turned into a night of nothing but pain. That was until she met Holden. Once Holden set eyes on Holly he knew that she would be his and he was going to do anything he to make sure that happened. In or outside of the Dark Grove Plantation Holden desires to take care of Holly, the only question remaining is will she let him.

Sykes does not disappoint with this novella. She gives us the domineering alpha male of our dreams and creates his perfect submissive in Holly’s character. Her sex scenes are for the record books, but she is always able to create an interesting story and background for both characters that tugs at the heart-strings. Even with its ups and down Holden and Holly get the Happily Ever after they both desire.

I for one am waiting very impatiently for the next installment in this series. This hot and steamy insta-love with a BDSM premise is one for the record books.


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