Review: The Terms: Part Two (The Terms Duet, #2) by Ruby Rowe

Goodreads Synopsis:

I longed to believe my bond with Ellis was impenetrable, but in reality, I held secrets that could blow open the tightly woven seam of our newfound relationship. Would he understand how we were both victims in his brother’s betrayal, or would he take his anger out on the one person still alive–me? Could the words my sister spoke about Liam’s father be true? If so, how would Ellis and I recover from what was lost?

Christopher’s jealousy was intensifying as a future with me became even less attainable. No, I belonged to one man only, and I was going to prove to Ellis that we could overcome the past and share an amazing future. I had two important roles in life: being a mother and a submissive, and I would fight to keep them both.

Once I left rehab, the thought of living alone during my recovery scared me, but being told I had to move in with Ellis’s attractive cousin instead of going back to my apartment was terrifying. My sister, Camilla, ran a tight ship, but she wasn’t nearly as intimidating as Greyson and the terms he laid out for me.

The reality that I was borrowing space amongst his superior existence didn’t need to be spoken. For that reason, I was blindsided when his gaze began to undress me and his touch became more than a brush of the shoulder. Greyson Burke saw something in me I was struggling to see in myself, and that meant he held the power … it also meant I had to run.

Chick and Brain Rating 4.5 out of 5

I received and ARC from the Author in exchange for an honest review

I make no secret about how much I have been anticipating the release of The Terms: Part Two, I am happy to report that I was not disappointed. Rowe gave us the perfect ending to Camilla and Ellis’s story and even a beginning to a new one. Hopefully that means we will have more stories centered around these couples in the future.

This story is a continuation of the beginning of Camilla and Ellis’s relationship. We finally learn the truth behind Liam’s birth as well as the deep dark secrets Camilla has in her past. These secrets will either tear our two love birds apart or bring them closer together. Also added to the mix is our resident recovering addict Sasha. Sasha has once again bailed on rehab because she feels like she “doesn’t fit in” but she has promised her sister and Ellis that she will make them both proud. When Camilla and Ellis hit a rough spot, Greyson offers Sasha a job and place to stay. Although Greyson and Sasha both seem to be polar opposites, they have more in common than we know.

Rowe takes a different approach to conveying parallel stories by writing in multiple points of view(POV). By doing so we are able to understand the story from every angle and get different perspective on the same event without becoming confused or wanting additional details.  Rowe does and amazing job of weaving each POV into the story so they blend together, and although this story is about Camilla and Ellis, the story of Greyson and Sasha is able to run parallel and be just as important to the reader as a secondary plot.

We are on a roller coaster of surprises most of which you never see coming. At times we are so angry at the characters we want to hit them, and at others we are so over come with sadness we are reaching for the box of tissues. Rowe ensures that we all are able to connect with these characters in a way that we are sad to see them go once the book ends but are happy with the outcome she has written.


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