Review: Alpha Male (A Real Man #14) by Jenika Snow

Goodreads Synopsis:


For the last two years Lachlan has been my personal bodyguard. Although I don’t feel in danger and don’t need someone constantly watching me, because it’s Lachlan, I can’t help but feel safe.

I love him.

He is big and strong, with training that makes him deadly. Anyone who is stupid enough to cross him learns that swiftly.

But I’m too afraid to tell him how much I want him. I’m too afraid to tell him that I crave him.


I was hired to be her bodyguard, to make sure she was safe because her father is a senator. But even if her father hadn’t hired me, I wouldn’t have been able to leave her alone.

I love her, want her as mine, and I need to show Layla that she was meant for me.

I need to show her that if anyone looks at her, speaks to her, or thinks they have a right to touch her, I’ll lay them out and not think twice.

She is my world, and no one but me will have her.

I’m done waiting. It’s time I make Layla mine.

Warning: Have a neck brace on hand because this story will give you whiplash. It’s short and to the point, but that’s how we like them. It’s not lacking in the heat department, has an over-the-top alpha hero, and a sweet virgin heroine. No worries, though; you get a safe read with a Happily Ever After and some baby making in the process.

Chick and Brain Rating 3.5 out of 4

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review

It is no secret how much I love The Real Man Series, so when the newest novella became available I jumped at the chance. Snow brought her A game and heat in this one. Her alpha males are not for the faint of heart and they never disappoint. Any lady that is looking for a hot a steamy read  may find that they have made their man happy as well once they have finished reading.

This particular novella is centered around Layla, a newly appointed senators daughter, that has a fierce independent streak but there is one man she will let protect her, and it is not her father. It is none other than Lachlan, her personal shadow hired by her father to keep her safe. What neither her nor her father are aware of is that the last thing on Lachlan’s mind is keep Layla safe. Lachlan has been in love with Layla since he first laid eyes on her and he desperately wishes she were his. Meanwhile Layla desperately wishes Lachlan would return her love for him as well. One night at a frat party a spilled drink leads these two down a path where both their dreams will come true.

Snow does what she does best in this story, writes an alpha male that just exudes power off the pages. However, what we are not expecting is the soft side to Lachlan and how he treats Layla like she will break. These two are desperate for one another to the point that they deny their desires in order to keep the other safe. These feelings pour of the pages to us through every word that is written. Although it takes some liquid courage, we are all elated that these characters find their way to each other and will do anything to make sure they remain that way.

As always Jenika Snow is high on my recommendation list, and this is no exception. It is a quick read that hits all the right places.


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