Review: Dark Master (Dark Masters #1) by Shana Vanterpool

Goodreads Synopsis:

Master was dark, dark, dark.

His touch.
His love.
His anger.

And soon, so was I.

Miya Reemond fell in love without knowing who Jaxon Damon really was. When she finds out that he’s a dominant in the alluring and dangerous world of BDSM, she wants nothing more than to be his submissive. Clouded by lust and obsession, she falls head first into the intoxicating and erotic lifestyle. She soon learns that love isn’t easy, especially when it relies on her submission. Jax doesn’t know or do love, he only understands pain. Miya immediately turns his world upside down. She wants his heart, his good. But there isn’t any good left in him to give her.

Love doesn’t exist in his world.
She’s never had it.

Will they embrace the darkness, or will it swallow them both?

Book one in the Dark Masters Series is an erotic and sordid look into the tempting world of sexual dominance, submission, and love.

**This is an erotic BDSM romance. Not intended for readers under 18. Contains dark sexual content and a taboo romance.**

Chick and Brain Rating 5 out of 5

I received this ARC from the Author in exchange for an honest review

I have never had the pleasure of reading anything by Shana before, but this experience is different from anything I have ever experienced when reading before. Vanterpool does not just write words, she makes us feel them in our soul and weaves them into our being. I honestly do not have words for the feelings and emotions that I felt pouring out of me when I read this book. It was as if my soul was being ripped from my being just as these characters where, and that was as due to Vanterpool and her amazing abilities.

Dark Master is about how Miya Reemond learned who Jaxon Damon truly was and what it actually meant to be in love with a sexual dominant. That is honestly the best way to explain this book with spoiling it, just read it! Whether you are into the BDSM scene or you are vanilla as them come, you will be able find the beauty in this love story that Vanterpool has written for us all to see.

While reading this book we all go through emotional roller coaster with each character. Jaxon our Dark Master is the character we all want to hate so desperately, but by the end of the story he is so broken and laid bare for us to see that we can not help but weep for the pain and trauma he has had to bear. Miya is so young and innocent when the narrative begins, but we all watch her grow and harden as she is thrown into this world of BDSM and no longer sheltered from her own darkness she has so long tried to hide from. Finally we have Master Sam, who owns us mind-body and soul by the end of the story that we do not know which way is up or down without him telling us so. Just like in the BDSM society, control is an illusion and by the end of this narrative we are all grasping for some sense of control again.

Vanterpool draws it to a turning point at the ending of the narrative and leaves us begging for more. I can not say that I am a fan of cliffhangers, but I can say that this one in particular was necessary and the best place to leave the story off where it was. However, I need the next part like I need air so PLEASE get to writing the next installment!


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