Review: Scored by Marquita Valentine

Goodreads Synopsis:
Scored is a brand new sexy and fun contemporary romance between a cocky football player and the quirky librarian who catches his eye.
*It’s a complete standalone and not part of any series.*

Dallas Drake has a big salary and an even bigger…ego…and he’s not afraid to use either of them to his advantage. As infamous as he is attractive, Dallas has all the equipment necessary to bring home the win.
The first time I met him, I was in handcuffs.
The second, he saved me when I fell off a ladder.
Now? Now we’re working together to plan a charity event.
I may not be interested in what Dallas has to offer, but as the game goes on, I’m becoming more open to his passes.
Is he looking for the win, or just determined to score?

Chick and Brain Rating 4 out of 5

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

This is my first time reading anything by Valentine, but I can promise this will not be my last! I am completely in love with this story, but what bookworm wouldn’t be! It is about a librarian and a hot football player! Valentine does an amazing job of blending these two characters that have absolutely nothing in common into a couple that everyone wants to be like in Scored.

The story is centered around Dallas, a football player who could get any woman he wants but he sets his eyes on a librarian, Paige. Paige is the exact opposite of any woman Dallas has ever dated and what makes matters worse, she knows absolutely nothing about football. Dallas is determined to have Paige in any way that she will have him. Paige’s past is full of heartache, but she desperately wants to take a chance on Dallas, however there are rules that must be followed. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken and in this case they lead to a happily ever after for the record books.

Valentine gives us a swoon worth read, but from a different angle than other authors. Usually we are given the cocky womanizing jock who wants to hide away and keep his relationship a secret, but not in this case. Paige is the one that wants to keep her and Dallas’s relationship a secret from everyone. We are shown a different side of the coin in this aspect when it is the female doing the hiding. Valentine does an amazing job explaining Paige’s thoughts and feelings to us through the story, as well as Dallas’s in order to best represent both sides of the story.

Scored is a playful and charming love story perfect for a summer read. If you are looking for something to read while sunbathing on the beach or by the pool this is the book for you.


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