Review: Touch: The Complete Series (Touch #1-6) by Cara Dee

Goodreads Synopsis:

A touch can take many forms. It can be hard, soft, cold, hot, pleasurable, sadistic…much like kink. In Touch, several kinks take their turn in the spotlight, exhibited by men and women trying to find their way in life.

Meet Nicholas Ford, club owner and Dominant, and explore the world of Daddy Doms and Littles when he meets Kayla, a little submissive he’s inexplicably drawn to but isn’t allowed to touch. Mark Cooper works the bar in his friend’s fetish club, and one night he gets the challenge he’s been waiting for served up on a mouthwatering platter. He’s to introduce newbies Brayden and Evangeline to BDSM, quickly discovering they’re both submissive—quickly getting himself attached, too. Only a couple issues: he’s a tad emotionally jaded from his recent divorce, and Brayden struggles with his sexuality.

Rio Kelly all but abandoned the lifestyle when a brief encounter with a runaway girl changed everything. Ten years later, he sees Chelsea again, and the high-protocol sub is looking for a strict Owner. While navigating unchartered waters with a Master who’s grown cynical and resigned, Chelsea befriends Dylan, a young guy going through his own relationship problems. Dylan’s Daddy Dom isn’t like most others. Cade Kingsley is rough around the edges but wears his heart on his sleeve. Together with Dylan and Gabriella, they try to patch something together that’s just for them. By any means necessary, a few kinky hearts need to be mended.

Touch originally consisted of six novellas and novels. Look but Don’t Touch, Twice the Touch, A Touch to Surrender, A Touch of Trouble, Comforting Touch, and Touching Ink have now been reworked and prettied up for the relaunch, but not without some brand spankin’ new material. Along with the original stories, a dozen outtakes, future takes, and epilogue have been added, including demos, a new novella, and more kinky fun. All to make the complete Touch your not-so-little black book of kink.


Chick and Brain Rating 5 out of 5

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review

Touch is a series of novella and one novella that have now been combined into one collection with new additional material. It’s set to follow the lives of 5 couples as they interact with each other in a BDSM Club they are all members of. They all come from different walks of life and have had different stories to tell, but the one thing that they all have in come is their need and desire for a little something “extra” in their bedroom experience. Whether it be a Dd/Lg experience or the typical BDSM couple everyone is welcome and understood, this is their story to tell. Dee travels the road of explaining each of the characters journey in and outside the club and toward finding themselves.

I am probably going against the majority on this one, but by putting these novellas together Dee takes away from the enormity of the message she is trying to convey. We are not just reading a generic BDSM/Erotic type story. These novellas and one novel have a depth to them I have never felt before. All of these individuals are gaining something or even learning more about themselves through the many forms of touching. The act of sex is not always about sexual gratification but about a persons connection to another. Dee does an amazing job of displaying those emotions to us in Touch. This story is not just about the kinky side of these couple’s relationships, but the trials and tribulations that they all have faced in order to be with one another. Each couple has had demons to face, while some have had personal hardships as well, but they all are able to traverse these waters with their partner(s) that they met at or brought to the club. Dee makes sure that we are given each characters perspective at some point during the story to ensure that we are aware of all sides of the situation. Keeping that in mind it ensures that we have a better understanding of what is going beyond what happens in the bedroom.

Dee uses this novella to bring to light many points that are relevant in society today such as poly-amours relationships, same-sex relations, and even a person’s issues with their own sexuality. We are lead on this journey with the characters as they discover their own solutions to these feelings and situations together. To me this is Dee’s main purpose of the novellas. They are not JUST about BDSM, it is not a taboo that people should be afraid of. It is just another way that we are able to express our love for our significant other. It is beautiful, and can take many forms. My neighbors may not be the same as me, but that does not make it wrong it just makes it different. That is the point that I believe Dee is trying to bring home to us when writing this book. Yes the book is a hot and steamy read. Yes it has some deliciously kinky bits. However that does not need to be the main point of the story. A person can come alive as a result of someone’s touch, kinky or not.

I honestly need more! I wish that Dee would take the time to flesh out more of the Behind the Scenes story about Greg, Ryan, and Angel. I will be keeping my out for that in the future!


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