Review: Etching Our Way by Abigail Davies and Danielle Dickson

Goodreads Synopsis:

It only comes once in a lifetime, that all consuming love—the kind that grips your heart and soul like a vice and never lets go.
When that love is threatened; you’d do anything to protect the only good thing in your life, even if that means surrendering and letting it go.
A lot can happen in ten years—heartbreak, devastation, loss.
But when a chance encounter throws two broken souls together again, will their pasts be too much to put behind them?
Or will they be able to put all of their fears aside for one last chance at love?

Chick and Brain Rating 2.5 out of 5 Stars

I received this ARC from the Authors in exchange for an honest review

This is a first time co-author read for me from these two authors. Davies and Dickson wrote and amazing second chance romance about two people who loved each desperately but let society dictate where that love would lead them. Lucky for them fate had other plans for them and lead them back to each other. This was a very heart warming story that shows that love can stand the test of time.

Etching Our Way mainly focuses on Tristan and Harmony. They fell in love in college, but Tristan rips her heart out in order to protect her from his father’s wrath. Harmony is from “the wrong side of tracks” and Tristan’s fathers wants him to marry someone to benefit the family business. They both move on with their lives, but 6 years later when Harmony catches her husband cheating on her she comes back home to her mom. Eventually Tristan and Harmony’s path crosses again and their love blossoms anew into something beautiful.

Davies and Dickson’s writing creates an amazing love story that is very heart warming and touches us deeply. Izzy and Clayton are the cutest children in the world and we all feel for them. We are instantly drawn into the story from page one and want to know more about these characters. However, this is supposed to be a story about Tristan and Harmony getting back together right? Davies and Dickson spend most of the book focusing on Tristan’s inability to process the death of his wife. He does elude many times to the fact that he was never able to get over his love for Harmony, but he seemed to move on with his life. The story takes place almost 6 years after the death of his wife, but he is still unable to process what has happened. This is addressed in an unrealistic manner by the authors in which the two characters have one conversation towards the end of the book and he magically is alright. What the heck? It seems in reality that although Tristan loved Harmony very dearly in the past, he loved his wife differently and more deeply than he ever did her.

I know this sounds very negative, but I did enjoy the book thoroughly. The writing was amazing and I loved all of the characters. I just feel like they missed the mark with the delivery.


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