Review: Grayson (Hell’s Lovers MC #2) by Crimson Syn

 Goodreads Synopsis:

She’s a wildcat in bed and she’s driving me insane!
Ever since that first night I can’t get enough of Rahyne Andrews.
Her kisses, her body, her moans, drive me crazy. I can’t seem to say no to her.
My only problem is, that she doesn’t seem to be interested in more than my body.
And I’m not about to have my control taken away from me.
She either bends to my will, or I’m walking.

Grayson Carter is everything I ever dreamed of and more.
He’s built like a rock and knows how to satisfy my every need.
But the last thing I want is to have another failed relationship.
Especially, when it involves a member of the Hell’s Lovers.
I’m the one in control, I’m always in control…
So why is it that Grayson Carter is the only man who has ever made me beg for more.

Chick and Brain Rating 5 out of 5

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review

Syn has done an amazing job flawlessly continuing the Hell’s Lover MC series with the second book Grayson. Even with the large time lapse it seems as if we have not left the story at all. This story is equally if not more so hot, steamy, and leaving us begging for more from the men of the Hell’s Lover MC Club. If there is still anyone left that I have not told to read this book I will be getting on it ASAP, everyone needs to read this series immediately. If you love bikers, hot mean, and uncontrollable predatory love well, then these are the books for you.

The second book in the series focuses on Grayson the second in command and Rahyne, Scarletts wild child best friend. When it comes to sex, these two are the perfect match but as soon as Grayson seems to begin to fall in with her, Rahyne beings to pump the brakes on their relationship. Rahyne has had the controlling relationship before and refuses to be hurt by another man again, so she will do the hurting before it happens to her. However, she never counted on how stubborn Grayson is. Grayson wants Rahyne like he has never wanted anyone or anything in his entire life. He WILL have her if it is the last thing he does. Now he just needs to convince Rahyne of this and everything will be just perfect. Also, during this entire love battle between these two the club is still at war so who knows what could happen.  Let’s just say that what goes on in the club is just as unpredictable as what is going on outside and it has everyone on edge.

Syn has done an amazing job weaving the MC world around the insta-love story of these two new characters while also continuing the story of Scarlett and Wolf. We get to continue to see their growth as a couple as well as them helping their two friends navigate the path toward their budding relationship and how it will affect them and the club going forward. Everything seems to climax during this novella, while also building a secondary problem for the MC to face in the future.  Syn does an amazing job ensuring that we receive that answer to both storylines before the ending of the novella and gives a clearer picture of the story moving forward before wrapping everything up in the epilogue. Syn also begins to allude to possibilities of a few new couples that we might see for the next novella coming up. We all may have our ideas, but lets not guess until we know for sure! I know I know August is such a long time away!


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