Review: HIS Everything (HIS Collection #1) by Frankie Love

Goodreads Synopsis:

The moment we meet, I know she’s everything I ever wanted.
And when she tells me her fantasies … there’s nothing that will stop me from making them come true.
She asks me to play her baby-daddy and wants the role of my wife.
I’ll give in to her domestic kink … after all, she’s a virgin determined to get her cherry popped — and with a body as delicious as hers, I know I’ll need another taste.
We share one unforgettable night and make plans for plenty more … but then she disappears into thin air.
No trace.
No name.
All I have is the memory of her innocence and the belief that what we had was real.
Nothing will stop me from finding her.
She’s my everything … and I’ll make sure she never forgets it.

Dear Reader,
This is a filthy-sweet story with kinky undertones … well, not really under … more like on top of and inside. Filled with, even. It’s got amnesia, oysters, and plenty of shucking.
xo, frankie

Chick and Brain Rating 5 out of 5

I hate to admit but I have never read anything by Frankie Love! I feel embarrassed that I did not know anything about her until after I read this book, something that I am going to rectify immediately. Love’s characters are amazingly well-rounded and have surprising depth to them for the short amount of time we are able to spend with them in this novella. She is able to draw us in with a few lines and help us relate to them in way that very few authors are able to do.

HIS Everything is the story of Dr. Liam and Avery. These two have a chance meeting at an oyster bar on night. They have no intention of meeting their future that night, but fate had other plans for them. While fulfilling each others fantasies, they do not exchange names or information just a promise to meet again the following week. However tragedy strikes and they are unable to do so. They continue on with their lives but some how they once again become each others everything.

This novella is an amazing insta-love story that pulls at your heart stings in a way that has not happened to me in a while. We can have this happen to any of us in our every day lives. This is a fantasy that many of us have more than likely had before, but never acted on. Although the wording is slightly off-putting the storyline makes up for all of that. These characters jump of the pages and make their way into your heart.

Frankie Love is definitely going to be a one click author for me! This is by far my favorite in the series so far! On to the next one!


Until next time,




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