Review: Swimming Without a Net (Fred the Mermaid #2) by MaryJanice Davidson

Goodreads Synopsis:

As Fred the Mermaid tries to fit in with her own kind, she finds herself hooked on both Artur, the High Prince of the undersea realm, and Thomas, a hunky marine biologist. She’s also caught between two factions of merfolk: those happy with swimming under the radar-and those who want to bring their existence to the surface.


Chick and Brain Rating 4 out of 5

MaryJanice Davidson has hit it out the park again with the second installment in the Fred the mermaid series. Fred will forever be one of my favorite female lead characters of all time. She will probably put most people off but her brash and no non-sense personality is just the kind of person that I would love to have in my life. Davidson gave us another fun and lighthearted read with all the craziness of the first one.

Davidson picks up about a year after the ending of the first installment in the series. She brings back all of the characters, while also introducing us to a few new ones. In this book, Fred is asked by the mermaid king himself to help them solve the problem of whether the Undersea Folk should now come out of hiding and introduce themselves to the humans, or who they lovingly refer to as bipeds, and Fred is to be their expert witness. To make matters worse, we can not forget the amazingly awkward love triangle between  Fred, Artur, and Dr. Thomas Pearson. The craziness that ensues when all these characters are back together in the same place is for the record books, literally.

Davidson has a way of writing her characters that you forget that you are reading a book and not part of a conversation. We are constantly lost in the dialogue between the characters that it makes it near impossible to put the book down, I know I couldn’t! Davidson also does an amazing job of showing us that a significant amount of time has passed between the first and second installment without loosing content or our interest. We are given all the important information the way only Fred can tell us! In Swimming Without a Net we are introduced to the other side of Fred, her life as a mermaid. We spend a vast majority of the book under the sea with Artur and the rest of the Undersea Folk. Davidson does and amazing job of showing us this other side of Fred and making it as normal and realistic as possible.

I am sad that this series is coming to an end with the next book but I am interested to see how Davidson is going to end it. I can say that after reading this series Davidson has made me a reader for life! This is a fun easy read that is perfect to take the beach or read by the pool! Cant wait to dive into the next one.


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