Review: Under Her Skin by Aria Cole

Goodreads Synopsis:

Sienna Taylor walked into Aspen Ink looking for a temporary escape. Instead, she found River Madden, the gorgeously talented and impossibly moody owner of the shop. One look in her big, dark eyes makes him desperate to possess her, his need to mark her luscious skin a primal distraction.
One touch of his needle sends electricity rocketing between them, and by the time he’s finished leaving his brand on her, he’s doing the unthinkable and offering her a job, and possibly losing his sense of sanity.

Finding forever is the last thing on River’s mind, but one taste of her sweet innocence has him consumed with claiming her.
She’s too innocent, too sweet, too untouchable, and far too good for him. But she has a darkness that claws at her, a crack fracturing her heart that only makes him crave her more.

Warning: From the moment his tattoo gun touches her skin, River is utterly obsessed with his girl. If over-the-top, insta-love goodness with a moody, tattooed alpha is your cup of steam, look no further! River has a talent for pushing all the right buttons.

Chick and Brain Rating 5 out of 5

It is no secret how much I love Aria Cole. This book is by far the most steamy writing I have read from her so far. It does not get anymore alpha male than this. From start to finish its a steamy love story of love and loss that everyone should read!

The story is basically about River who owns Aspen Ink, a local small town tattoo parlor. River wants for nothing but his tattoo gun and a canvas to practice his art, that is until Sienna walks into his place. Sienna is a whirlwind of sass and attitude that River cannot do without. River and Sienna have an instant connection that leads them both towards their happily ever after.

Cole once again does an amazing job of writing well-rounded characters. Although this is obviously about getting down and dirty, the characters have a story to tell. Sienna and River both come from a past of heartbreak that has some how brought them to each other. Unlike any other author, Cole is able to turn the darkest of character situations into the happiest of moments to ensure that the characters are able to achieve their happily ever after.

Aria Cole has hit another one out of the park. This is the sweet, steamy alpha romance that we all need in our lives! A must read if I have ever seen one. I am anxious to see if Cole will be able to top this with her next one, I for one can’t wait!

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