Review: The Sin Bin by Nikky Kaye

Goodreads Synopsis:

“Nothing gets into my crease, Lucy. I still hold the league shutout record. But you snuck between my legs and now I can’t get you out of my head.”
Lucy Solomon showed up to watch a hockey game in a luxury box wearing jeans and a hoodie, and she didn’t give a puck who I was. Now the hotter it gets between us the better my team does on the ice, and I’m getting superstitious. I’m not skating around my feelings–I want to win the playoffs, and I want Lucy, but something’s gotta give.

After being in a grad school cave for two years, it made sense that I’d be drawn to a Neanderthal. I melted for Beckett Hallstrom’s brazen moves and boyish charm when we first met, but things exploded when I found out who he really was. Beck wants me to be his good luck charm, but the press is relentless and now my career is in jeopardy. Every competition has a loser and I’m afraid it’s going to be me losing my heart.

THE SIN BIN is a fast and feverish standalone sports romance novella, where high sticking is totally allowed.

Chick and Brain Rating 4.5 out of 5

I have graciously received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review

Oh man! Another shocker for me because I do not usually read books that have to do with sports. Lucky for me this was not overly done. It had sports in it, but it was not completely about sports, so thankfully it did not completely turn me off. This was the first time for me reading anything by Nikky Kaye and will for sure not be my last. Kaye’s writing style just brings you in to the point that you feel as if you are part of the scene with the characters. Now with the type of scenes she was writing that makes everything just splendid!

The story centers around a Lucy Solomon a grad student who literally runs in to Beckett “Crease” Hallstrom while attending a hockey game with her brother who also happens to work as the doctor for Beckett’s team. The chemistry between these two is instant and leads them on a whirlwind romance. Things are seriously not easy for these two, mostly because they both live in different areas, but you cannot have a relationship with a famous ex-hockey player and everyone not be in your business.

Kaye found a very nice balance for us between a slow burn romance and the steamy erotica style that we are used to in this type of story. We are treated the sexy steam as promised, but we also get to see the normal and tender moments between these two that could have naturally occurred in real life. Lucy also has backbone, which most authors tend to leave out. She is not willing to cave her hopes and dreams just for her sexy ex-hockey player. Beckett also is a dominating figure in their relationship, but he allows Lucy to be her own person and follow her hopes and dreams for the future. However, once these two enter the bedroom all bets are off.

I could say the one complaint is that the story just ends. Yes we discover that Lucy graduates from grad school and moves in with Beckett, but that is what we all expected while reading the novella. I would have loved to know how their relationship progressed after they moved in together. I understand that this was written as a novella, but one more epilogue in either one of the character’s perspective would have wrapped the story up perfectly for us.

Kaye did and amazing job! This is a quick steamy read with a lot of heart, just what this blogger was looking for. I fell in love with Kaye’s writing style and all of these characters. I am very sad to see them go. I will definitely recommend this to everyone I can think of.

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