Review: The Royal Treatment (Alaskan Royal Family #1) by MaryJanice Davidson

Goodreads Synopsis:

In this delightful and dazzling erotic novel, MaryJanice Davidson creates an alternate contemporary world nearly identical to ours in which Russia never sold the Alaskan territory to the United States. Instead, Alaska has won its independence and established itself as a constitutional monarchy…and now, the King of Alaska badly needs a bride for his son and heir… The country of Alaska is as forbidding as it is beautiful. And the royal family is as rough-around-the-edges as they are coolly civilized. Other royal families may find them shocking, but after all, in this wilderness kingdom, being a crack shot and expert trapper is just as important as knowing your salad fork from your dessert fork. Unfortunately, when the rest of the royals find you mildly savage, marrying off your royal brood can be a royal pain. King Alexander II is desperate. Why, he’d settle for any girl. A commoner. An American, even! Stranded tourist Christina Krabbe is American, and a commoner, but she has zero interest in enduring a royal wedding, producing royal heirs, and becoming Queen of Alaska…until she gets a good look at Prince David. He may be a bit unruly–actually, the words untamed and slightly dangerous come to mind–but Christina’s no delicate flower herself. And when His Highness discovers Christina can give as good as she gets, he’s Prince Charmed, if not quite charming. But can a wild man Prince and a modern American girl make a life together? And will the palace still be standing when the dust clears?

Chick and Brain Rating 3.5 out of 5

This is another one of those accidental recommendations for me. Goodreads has never lead me wrong, so I took the chance with this one as well. This is my first time reading one of MaryJanice Davidson books and I have very surprised! I found myself laughing out loud and repeating many lines to my husband while reading as well as smiling so much that my cheeks hurt. This is a very quirky romance with an erotic feel, so there is a little something for everyone in it. With it being the first installment in the Alaskan Royal Family series it does have some hiccups, but it gives Davidson room to grow as the series moves forward.

The story begins with Christina getting fired, or in her opinion quitting, her job as a cook on a cruise ship as they were ported in Alaska. She uses her last $50 to go fishing even though she has no place to stay, way home, or pretty much anything to her name. To her luck she happened to run into the King of Alaska while he was “hiding” who believed she would be perfect for his oldest son David! The King impulsively invited her to come stay at the palace indefinitely hoping that Christina and David would hit it off and give him the grand babies he has been wanting forever!

The book itself is very refreshing! Christina is a no filter person. She says exactly what she is feeling and thinking no matter who she is talking too. No one ever knew what was going to come out of Christina’s mouth when she opened it, which made her character very exciting for us to read. At times Christina was borderline rude and obnoxious, Davidson seemed to have the other characters just chalk that up to her being “American”, but we find that to be unrealistic possibly even making Christina an unlikable character.  We also find that Christina is never challenged by anyone in the story. She seems to be in control of everyone and everything. We could even see at times that she could control the King to do whatever she pleased. We understand that the Alaskan Royal Family is more relaxed, but it is very unrealistic for a commoner to come and have this much control of over ruling body.

Christina also seems to be the main focus of the entire story. How all the other characters interact with her and how she is thinking and feeling, but what about everyone else. I would have loved to hear more about the other characters in the story and how they interacted with Christina. Davidson also only shows us the snarky and sarcastic side of Christina. We are told about the heart to hearts and tender moments that Christina and David have with each other, but we never get to experience any of them. I would have loved for Christina written as a more well-rounded character as well as experience their love story in its entirety.

All in all this is an amazing foundation to start the series with just a few key aspects missing for us as readers. It was a quick and quirky read that I would for sure recommend to someone who is looking for something funny with a lot of fluff. I can not wait to dive into the rest of the series!


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