Review: The Terms: Part One (The Terms Duet #1) by Ruby Rowe

Goodreads Synopsis:

I wanted to hate her. For three years, Camilla withheld the fact that my brother had a son, Liam.

Then, Tony died without ever knowing his kid, and I was going to make sure Ms. Rose paid a price for her deceit. I also wanted Liam to be raised as a Burke. Our family’s legacy was one to carry on, so the terms were straightforward.

Live in my home.

Allow me to help raise Liam.

Oh, and agree to be my submissive.

In return, I agreed not to rip Camilla’s child away from her. I also offered them both financial security and a life of luxury. It seemed generous to me. It might’ve been simple, too, had she not reminded me of the lady in red. The one who haunted my dreams at night. Camilla’s hazel eyes were a mirror image, her sweetness more than an acquaintance to my subconscious.

I was a hacker by trade, and the internet was my best friend, sharing with me every secret I wished to unearth. I believed that until an unfathomable truth revealed itself in a different way.

Some secrets are never whispered, only sensed by the heart, and all along, my soul held the truth. It hid even from me the most important secret of them all.

The Terms ends in a cliffhanger. It contains explicit language and graphic sex, including aspects of BDSM. The second novel in the duet, The Terms: Part Two, will release June 2017.

Chick and Brain Rating 4 out of 5

Ruby Rowe is a first time author for me, but if her other books are anything like The Terms than I will for sure be reading more of them. This book is filled with hot and steamy sex scenes as well as sweet scenes between all of the characters. Rowe is able to cover all facets of the romance spectrum while giving us the dominating alpha male that we all dream of.

Camilla has had nothing but trouble and heartache her entire life.  She ran away from her parents at a young age and has been fighting her way through life ever since.  She thought that she had finally gotten free until she came in contact with the Burke family. The Burke’s are a family of controlling males that will  do anything to get what they want and right now what Ellis Burke wants is Camilla and her son, Liam.

Rowe tells this story in dual narratives which allows us to have a better understanding of each characters motivations behind their decisions and actions.  Although Rowe creates these amazing multi-layered characters, we are left with more questions than answers by the end of the book. With the amazing cliffhanger Rowe gives us at the end of the story, I am hoping that these problems can be fixed in the next book.

Rowe has been able to weave an amazing world that we all wish we were a part of. Although there are few minor issues on my part, as a whole this is an amazing novel with great characters. I am impatiently waiting for the next installment. Thank the stars that my wait is not too long.


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