Review: Poppy (A Force Of Nature Fairytale #1) by M.A. Horst

Goodreads Synopsis:

~ Poppy ~

Storm, the eldest son of a heartless businessman is forced to choose a bride. His father wants grandchildren to secure the future of Royal Industries, and he wants them now.

Forced to choose from a specific list of women that’s been promised to the Royal family, Storm holds a masked ball and invites the six women.

Poppy has lived a sheltered life. She has been homeschooled by her overprotective mother. Attending the masked ball is an exciting experience for her until she lands in the arms of Storm Royal. Electricity crackles around them.

Poppy’s delicate new love is shattered when she finds out why Storm really wants to marry her. She’s only a means to an end, another piece of property.

Can Storm win Poppy’s trust while trying to keep his fiery desire for her under control?

This is one force of nature Poppy didn’t see coming.

This is an over the top, insta-love, hot as hell fairytale with a twist of kinkiness.

Each book in The Force of Nature series is standalone & about a different couple.

*This is Book One*

Chick and Brain Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Fairy Tale romances and insta-love are my go to right now! I do not know what it is about these type of books that draw me in but recently I have not been able to get enough of them. I have never read a M.A. Horst book, but as soon as I saw the cover for Poppy pop up on my Goodreads recommendation list I knew that I had to read it immediately. Horst gives us an amazing Cinderella story that grabs us instantly in the first few paragraphs! I do not think it took me a whole chapter before Poppy had me hooked!

Poppy Flower has lived a sheltered life with her mother away from society. She knows absolutely nothing of the world, but she longs to fit in. So when her mother and her are invited to a ball in the honor of the infamous Royal Family she is elated! However, what was meant to be the night of her life slowly became a place of discomfort and seclusion. Poppy is introduced to the cruel members of society, and she will do anything to escape.  Poppy only wished for a moment alone from all the scrutiny, but what she finds is her Prince Charming. The man who will give her everything that she ever wanted, just like in the fairy tales and stories she has read all her life.

Storm Royal must find a wife in order to give his father what he wants most in life, grandchildren. No one has a care for whether Storm is in love with the woman or not, as long as she produces heirs for the family fortune that is all that matters. However once Storm sets eyes on Poppy, none of this matters. All that matters is claiming this woman as his own no matter what the cost. Poppy is Storm’s dream! She is everything he has ever wanted, and he does not intend to wait any longer. Poppy and Storm meet and are married the same day in true insta-romance fashion and being the crazy journey that is love, if they are able to navigate all the tests that stand in their way.

Horst spared no expense when writing her characters for us to enjoy. Poppy is the perfect naive girl that we all long for and Storm is the strong alpha male that we all wished was a part of our lives. We absolutely love Storm from beginning to end. His dominating personality, his fierce and immediate loyalty to Poppy, and most importantly his devotion to her from beginning to end. We are given the perfect pacing with the perfect amount of angst for this short insta-love read. Minor details stop this from being a perfect rating, and that falls mostly on Poppy. She needs more backbone! Not a lot but a little more in the beginning of the story. Oh and Poppy does find her backbone, but it is at a point a little too late for me to call her an admired heroine.

All and all the is an amazing insta-love short read that I would highly recommend to anyone that needs a quick fix. I for one can not wait to be able to get my hands on next weeks installment!


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