Review: Tempting Tessa by Samantha Lind

18361567_149795855558750_23841316_nGoodreads Synopsis:

After losing her high school sweetheart to an accident at work, Tessa doesn’t know how to move on in life even though life is moving on all around her. She’s caught up in trying to figure out how to survive without her husband, raise their son and keep his memory alive. When things literally start falling apart all around her, will she be able to accept the help being offered and love again?

Jake has pulled his life back together after living through hell while being injured in the Army. It takes him years to recover and he’s still dealing with the emotional pain. When Tessa enters his life and turns it upside down, can he tempt her to fall in love with him and find her new forever?

Chick and Brain Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I have discovered that I find a lot of my reading material based off IG or other Bookstagramers. I happened to find Samantha on IG and the book sounded pretty interesting so of course I went and got it. I am going to say I was not disappointed. There are some points here and there that we could have been given more information but for the most part it was an amazing read about overcoming adversity to find love.

Tessa is handed a huge blow in the prologue of the story with dealing with her husband’s death. He was her everything along with their son Ty. He was her first and only love. She struggles for years to move on from that, but in doing so she seems to have closed herself off the possibility of love beyond her son. Jake is not a stranger to pain. He suffered a major injury while fighting for our country and lost his leg. He has struggled with PTSD and learning how to walk again with the use of a prosthetic limb but he never lost hir positive outlook on life. These two are perfect for each other, but it takes time for Tess to open herself up to Jake. We are a part of that journey and are able to watch their love grown. This is not an insta-love story and I love that! This is basically the story of their love from start to finish. We get to see their love progress and also there hard times as well. Lind did not just show us the good, but the bad as well, which is true in real life. There is good and bad in every relationship, it is how you weather the storm that makes it all worth while.

My biggest complaint about this story is we are given absolutely not reaction or feeling about Jake and his prosthetic leg. Lind completely glances over it. I understand that Jake has come to terms with it so it is probably not a big deal to him at all, but doesn’t Tess have a reaction. We read about their discussions about having one, but we are never given any information about either characters feelings about it.  It is completely implausible to say that neither character had any reaction to it at all. Lind makes it a point to show the emotions of the characters in every aspect of their growing love story to us, but this is just left to the way side like it is secondary information. This is information is important to the story line, but also important for us and Tessa to be able to understand Jake better and what he has gone through. By just glancing over that aspect of Jake’s life, we are left with many questions that come up again later in the story line.

Tempting Tess is another short read, but is worth it. We are not cheated out of anything in this story. Lind does any amazing job wrapping up all the loose ends and ensuring that Jake and Tessa’s journey is completed. I personally can not wait for her to write something else!


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