Review: The Lie by Hesh Kestin

Goodreads Synopsis:

A “page-turner that will engage your mind and emotions in a way few novels do” (Stephen King) about a left-wing Israeli lawyer—famous for defending Palestinians—whose views face the ultimate test when her own son is captured and tortured by terrorists.Devoted mother, soon-to-be divorced wife, attractive lover of an American television correspondent, Dahlia Barr is a brash and successful Israeli attorney whose life’s work is defending Palestinians accused of terrorism. One day, to her astonishment, the Israeli national police approach Dahlia with a tantalizing proposition: Join us, and become the government’s arbiter on when to use the harshest of interrogation methods—what some would call torture. Dahlia is intrigued. She has no intention of permitting torture. Can she change the system from within? She takes the job.

Then, one horrible day, Dahlia’s son Ari, a twenty-year-old lieutenant in the Israel Defense Forces, is kidnapped by Hezbollah and whisked over the border to Lebanon. As fate would have it, the one man who may hold the key to Ari’s rescue is currently locked in a cell in police headquarters. He is an Arab who has a long and complicated history with Dahlia. And he’s not talking.

A nail-biting thriller, pulsing with insight into the inner-workings of Israel’s security apparatus, The Lie is an unforgettable story of human beings on both sides of the terror equation whose lives turn out to share more in common than they—and the reader—ever could have imagined.

Chick and Brain Rating: 5 out 5 stars

Again, this is not my type of book but when I was it on Indie bookstore day I could not come home without it. It is very rare that the description on the back of a book or the dust jacket gets me excited. Usually I already know of the author or someone I know has already read the book, but I had to read this as soon as I came home.  Kestin weaved a story of truth for us that is not usually told. The story behind what we see on television. Kestin is able to answer questions that many of us think about on a regular basis. What makes someone become a terrorist? Why do the military officers do what they do? Most importantly, what would you do if it was your son or daughter and you had the power to rescue them. Dahlia had that power, the question for us to discover is what does she did with it.

Dahlia Barr finds out what she would do with this decision the hard way. Her oldest son is taken by the very forces that she is attempting to protect. Dahlia has fought her whole adult career to protect Palestinians from the Israeli governments less that honorable accusations, but soon she find herself needing to use those same means to protect the life of her son. Not only does she have the choice to resort to these questionable tactics, but she has to choose to use these against her life long friend Edward Mohammad Al-Masri. Dahlia and Edward grew up together. They were neighbors, went to school together, and their mothers were best friends. How do you turn on someone who you have known your whole life? How do you turn on everything you have believed in? Dahlia’s decision was easy to make and easy to execute, but what Kestin does not share with us is if she is able to live with the consequences of these decisions after all the dust settles.

The human condition is a tricky thing. Are we a product of our up bringing or our environment? With these two characters, the line still is not clear. Dahlia stays in her native land after adult hood and Edward movies to Canada after extensive schooling at the expense of the Israeli government. Their paths are very different as they grow up, Dahlia leads the path of least resistance while Edward basically becomes a what some would classify as a terrorist. Kestin does an amazing job of show us how our surroundings and even our upbringing can shape us as adults, but it is not the only solution. We are not born terrorist or gangsters, but we make the conscious decision to become a terrorist or gangster. It is our decisions that lead us on our paths in life or help us deviate from them in some cases.

This an amazing fictional telling of real life situation that happens regularly through out the world. We can possibly relate it to everything in life. It is the choices that we make that create the path we walk. If we make different choices we create a different path. Kestin makes us think about all of these choices and how they influence others around you and the choices they make. It is not just about your own personal opinion and desire, every action has a reaction be it good or bad. It is up to all of us to have the for thought of mind to see what that might be. We may not always be right, we just have to make sure we are able to live with the consequences if we are wrong.

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