Review: Bear with Me by Jenkia Snow

Goodreads Synopsis:


When my brother and his problems had me coming back to Stales, my hometown, I was scared not just for my twin’s health, but also because I knew I’d run into Law, my bear-shifting ex and the sheriff of Stales.

Our breakup hadn’t been grisly, but after nearly two years, the thought of seeing him again had everything tightening in me because … I still loved him.

But that was the past, and I knew I had to move on, right?


Brittin was the only woman I would ever love. She was it for me, even if she broke it off because of my domineering ways. I screwed up when I lost her, and I spent the next two years regretting it. But she’d wanted space, and when she left for the city, I let her.

But now she’s back, and it’s my chance to show her I can give her everything she wants. It’s my chance to show her I can be the man she deserves.

I just hope I haven’t let too much time pass, because not having Brittin in my life is a fate worse than death.

Warning: This short story features a growly bear shifter, and a stubborn heroine. Bear With Me was previously published under the title “Yes, Sir” and was included in the Cuffed and Claimed anthology. It has since been revised and re-edited, but the story itself is the same.

Chick and Brain Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

This was a first for me, an alpha bear. Man that feels weird to write but that is honestly the best way to describe Law, the bear shifter, in this narrative. His alpha attitude is not a good thing in this narrative. Snow writes a slightly different female for us in Brittin. Brittin is not a fan of Law’s dominating ways outside of the bedroom and her desire to be her own woman drives a wedge between the two of them.  Snow is able to show us a different type of character than we are used to reading in this genre while still giving us the dominating alpha male in the bed that we all know and love.

Snow also makes this story a little more romantic that most. Law and Brittin were lovers previously that were driven apart. They have been apart for two years, but have continued to pine for one another the entire time. Although it seems fast, they fall right back into a relationship with each other when Brittin returns to home to Stales, but they have changed. We get a small taste of the two characters getting to know each other better before they are able to finally get their happily ever after.

Another hot and sexy short read that I would again recommend. It could  use a little more character information, but all in all a short read that hits the spot when you need a little smut in your life.


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