Review: Beauty Series (1-3) by Various Authors

So I am kind of lazy! I really did not want to make three separate blog post for these books, so I just made one big post. If you recall, earlier today I posted the review for the final installment in this series Beauty in Winter. Yea, I was a little backwards but I did go back and read them all because the series is that good!

This series a Beauty and the Beast retelling with an alpha male Werewolf as the lead and just straight hot dominating sex for the entire book. They are all written by different authors and honestly have nothing to do with each other, which is why I had no idea it was a series until I looked them up on my Goodreads. The only things they do have in common is the hot alpha male Werewolves, the virginal female lead, and they are all beauty and the beast retelling type stories. I use this term loosely because only one follows the same story line (which is the one that happens to be my favorite) but the basic premise is there. No real story line, but we are given the basic background of the main characters in order to have context for the story. I would honestly recommend this series to anyone that wants to quick read and needs some smut in their life! I will definitely read these again that is for sure.

I started with Winter so read Autumn next but that is not the correct reading order. I will put the correct numbers next to the titles, but again they do not have to be read in any particular order.


Beauty in Autumn (Beauty #3) by Ruby Dixon

Goodreads Synopsis:

Inspired by the story of Beauty and the Beast, a short and sexy interpretation of the classic fairy tale…

For years untold, there has always been a beast in the cursed forest. Every year at the Harvest Festival, a new bride is sent to him…never to return. But when Willow is chosen to be the newest bride, she seeks out the help of the local wise woman.

Willow might be able to break the curse, but to do so, she must refrain from looking at the beast entirely. It sounds easy enough, but as things get heated between them, can she keep her promise? Or will she need to see who – and what – she’s bedding first?

Chick and Brain Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This particular one was by far my favorite, probably because it was the closet to the original story. This unlike the others in the series was a little more female driven. It was more about Willow pursuing the Beast than the other way around. Don’t get my wrong, he was all the alpha male that we long for, but Willow was more of an assertive female than the passive participant I usually see in this type of story. This change in character was different, but in a good way and lead to what seemed like a better chemistry between the characters in the more erotic scenes. It also made the love that they had for each other in the ending of the story a little more believable.

Beauty in Summer (Beauty #2) by Ella Goode

Goodreads Synopsis:

Inspired by..
The classic fairy tale…
Beauty and the Beast

Bellamy Beaumont thought nothing could be worse than being broke and jobless. Then she found out her parents sold her to a mysterious company with its headquarters far from town. Inside the huge but plain concrete building she finds a growling new boss who doesn’t seem to want a new assistant. But who also refuses to let her leave. And what is his obsession with her scent?

Adrian Garrett’s life is fine. Perfectly fine. He runs his pack and his company with efficiency and has no time for a mate. No matter how loud and how angry his wolf becomes, Garrett believes that a mate is unnecessary. That is, until Bellamy is brought to his attention. One sniff and he’s smitten.

The problem is that Bellamy is a human and Garrett’s a wolf. Can one beauty save the beast?

Chick and Brain Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Now this story unlike the others, was more like the typical alpha male werewolf story that I am used to reading. There really is no similarities to the original fairy tale other than maybe Adrian’s attitude.  Bellamy is a smart mouth female lead, but she is also portrayed as very naive at times two characteristics that do not go together in my mind. Goode has an amazing writing style, but we lack the connection with the characters that we are given in the other stories. We also are not given an ending. The other three novellas have an epilogue of sorts, where we discover what happens after the main characters find love, but in this narrative it is left to our imagination. This is by far my least favorite of the four, so if I had to choose one to not read it would be this one.

Beauty in Spring ( Beauty #1) Kati Wilde

Goodreads Synopsis:

Inspired by the story of Beauty and the Beast, four authors offer their sexy interpretations of that classic fairy tale…

A beauty unchained…

For ten years Cora Walker has yearned to return to Blackwood Manor…and to her childhood companion, Gideon Blake. But her dream of returning home soon becomes a nightmare—and the fully grown, dangerously sexy Gideon is nothing like the young man she’d loved before.

A beast unleashed…

Cursed by the monster that killed his family, Gideon sacrificed his heart to protect Cora from the beast that lurks beneath his skin. But when she returns and the curse chains her to his side, he only has two choices: to persuade her to marry him though he has stolen her freedom…or die to save her from the beast within.

Chick and Brain Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This is a close second to being my favorite story! Cora and Gideon’s story is more of a love story than anything else. Yes there is the alpha Werewolf moments that we all love to read, but this is more about the love between the two characters than anything else. Cora and Gideon have always loved each other and they always will love each other. However, Gideon must learn to tame the Beast before they are able to be together. Wilde does an amazing job of balancing the romance aspect of the story while also giving us the hot and steamy erotic that we all are looking for. I am glad that I read this book last because it helped me better appreciate this story. This is the type of story for those that love the romance and the smut unlike the others in the series allowing it to appeal to a wider range of readers.


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