Review: Secondary Colors by Aubrey Brenner

Goodreads Synopsis:

Love is weakness.
Love is unkind.
Love is selfish.

I know better than anyone else. Having made the mistake once before, I refuse to give myself to anyone, body or mind. My heart isn’t even an option. Fresh out of college, I plan to spend my final summer home in the small town of Aurora, New Hampshire with my loving, flighty mother and old friends, my eyes set on the future. That’s before I’m welcomed home by a beautifully flawed drifter, in search of his own. It’s hardly love at first sight. More like loathe. He creeps under my skin from the moment he refuses to acknowledge my existence.

But, it’s hard to deny there’s something in the way he watches me, the way his presence calms and electrifies me, bringing something dead inside to life again. He’s been jaded by his own loss and heartache. It’s burned into his very being. I want to know Holt Turner—and that terrifies me to death.

New Adult Contemporary Romance.
18+ for some language, adult situations, and sexual content.

Chick and Brain Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Owen Montgomery Gentry (I seriously hold that for the best of stories!) first books my ass! Secondary Colors is the perfect blend of a coming of age tale and a hot and steamy romance. From the beginning Brenner is able to suck the reader in to the world of Aurora and the tangled web it weaves around the main character Violet, who has fought desperately to escape. Even in her attempt to escape, we join Violet on her journey of finding herself and true happiness out of something that should have been tragic.

We as readers are treated to the inner workings of small town living through the eyes of Violet aka Evie. However, Brenner does not use the cookie cutter route that most authors take but she delves into the secrets that no one wants to speak of. As Evie returns home after four years of college she peels away the layers of lies and deceit that have plagued her family and in part the entire town for her whole life. It all began with the lie that Evie was forced to tell herself due to Christina’s (Aidan’s mother) selfishness. That one lie paved the way for a web of lies that she found herself tangled in with no way out. Everyone around her was privy to pieces of the truth, but Evie never knew. As she slowly begins to find her way into the lives of the inhabitants of Aurora and causes some “problems,” these truths come to the surface and threaten everything Evie holds dear.

Evie is not fond of what she finds as these layers start to fall away, and she finds her self searching for stable footing. She is able to find her footing in Holt, the loner traveler that has set up camp in her mother’s house. Its hate at first sight for these two, but we are readers and the other characters around them can see the building attraction between these two. The same lies that these two are desperately trying to keep from each other are what in the end bring them closer to each other. Brenner helps the reader understand these two characters need for one another, not as a dependency in order to survive but more as a catalysis to heal as individuals and grow stronger through healing.

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